Natural Landscapes Nursery Retail

Our mission is to provide quality Native Plants in order to expand their use in the landscape.

         We would like to be able to make our plants as accessible as possible, unfortunately as a wholesaler we are not designed to accommodate smaller individual orders. We try to accommodate the public by participating in several Native Plant Sales through out the spring and summer. If you would like information on when and where our plants will be available go to our Event Page and click on the sales links for more information. If you will be at one of the sales and there are specific plants or Ball & Burlap plant you would like to purchase please contact us (610 869-3788) a week or more ahead of time, so we can have it available and set aside for you.

         If you are interested in placing a larger order (as an individual or with a group), we may be able to accommodate you. Call us (610 869-3788) to place your order and schedule your pick-up. Please call again before coming to pick up your order, so someone can be near the loading area to assist you. Orders are usually picked up at our nursery, but we can deliver larger orders by tractor-trailer or with our 14 foot trailer.

Below are links to Retail Nurseries that specialize in Native Plants.

Natural Landscapes Nursery